Appellation of origin of goods

An appellation of origin to which legal protection is granted is a legal sign that represents or contains a contemporary or historical, official or unofficial, full or abbreviated name of the country, city or rural settlement, locality or other geographical object, and also a derivative of such appellation and which became known as the result of its use to designate the special properties of goods which are defined exclusively or mainly by the natural conditions and/or human factors specific for the geographical object concerned (article 1516 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

An appellation of origin may be registered by one or more citizens or legal entities (article 1518 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

The certificate of the exclusive right to an appellation of origin is valid during 10 (ten) years from the filling date of an application with the executive authority for intellectual property. The term of a certificate shall be renewed each time for 10 years (article 1532 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

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